Top talent for healthcare

We specialize in clinical and non-clinical roles within the healthcare industry, nationally. Our niche is really working with nonprofits, substance abuse, mental health & behavioral health companies. 

We exclusively work on full time/permanent/direct hire needs. The bread and butter of what we focus on is clinical and non-clinical roles in the substance abuse, mental health, behavioral health & nonprofit space. We work with a lot of social workers, nurses, advanced practitioners etc.

Our Fees

Our fee is typically a percentage of the person you hire’s annual base salary.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our candidates for 90 days and would replace them at no additional cost should you decide it’s not a fit, or likewise if they would. You wouldn’t owe us any money unless we placed someone at your organization that you love

Our Team

We are located Atlanta. We do work nationwide. Our company is headquartered in NY.

Our Services

We can also partner internally with our teams here at MTK Staff on marketing roles, finance, operations, office support, HR & IT needs.

Partner with us

MTK Resources has the ability to supply staff for short or long-term engagements and direct hire requirements. We ensure quality candidate selection to organizations of all sizes, from the small business owner to mid-size companies to Fortune 100 corporations. Combining innovative strategies with traditional recruitment practices, we will design a customized staffing program to meet your unique specifications.
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